about the show

Insektors is a computer animated children's television show that was created in 1994 by a small company in France called Fantome. The show centers around two races of insects, both polar opposites of each other, and their constant struggle to co-exist on Planet Karbon. The Joyces are a colourful race of insects who live in Flower City and love all things cheerful. Music, colours, flowers, happiness, sunlight... you name it. The Yuks, however, hate everything the Joyces stand for and are a dark, dreary race who live in a swamp stump surrounded by bramble bushes.

The Joyces are lead by The Great Pyro, a wise old magician who takes care of The Great Prism. The Great Prism was responsible for Flower City to be created, therefore, it is held in very high regard and must be tended for and looked after at all times. The Great Pyro has a daughter named Aelia, and a son named Fulgor, and the three of them do their best to protect their city.

The Yuks, on the other hand, are ruled by the cruel Queen Bakrakra. Despite the Yuks having an affinity for being dark and gloomy, the Queen is always cold and demands that she be kept warm. In order to keep their Queen happy, their inventor, Lord Teknocratus, creates a giant furnace that runs on daffodil wood. The Yuks use a wide spectrum of machines to ambush Flower City so they can harvest the flower's stems for firewood.

Insektors ran for 26 thirteen minute episodes, and later on, a half hour Christmas special was made (though never dubbed into English). Every episode is centered around the various conflicts between the two races of insects. Hilarious and entertaining antics ensue, and despite Insektors being a show for children, it actually contains an ongoing storyline and has deep themes underlying the shenanigans. Both children and adults alike can enjoy this show, and it remains a fan-favourite all these years later!

Insektors was dubbed into the English language twice; one version for the UK, and the other for Canada. The UK version's script and character names have all been changed, and the characters all sport English accents. The Canadian dub, however, stayed faithful to the original French version. It aired in Canada as well as Australia, and possibly other countries too.

about the characters

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about Fantôme

Fantôme is a small animation studio specializing in computer animation situated in France. It was founded in 1985 by Georges Lacroix, and was later joined by Renato and Philippe Baudart. Altogether, the studio was composed of 30 staff members and before Insektors was created, the studio worked on a short series called Geometric Fables, the world's first fully computer animated TV show.

In 1998, Fantome was faced with bankruptcy. It was eventually bought out by a company called Belgian Group Neurones in 1999. Georges Lacroix was asked to continue his place as the studio's director but he declined, resulting in Fantome and Georges going their seperate ways. He is no longer affiliated with the studio, despite being one of the original founders.


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