annual 1997

I got my grubby hands on one of the very few pieces of Insektors merchandise. Called the "Insektors Annual 1997", it's a hardcover, 64-page activity book based on the UK version of the show, chock-full of silly things to keep a kid busy. It's got:

-Introduction to the series
-Episode Summaries (The Colour Guitar, The Escape, Frogbucket, The Mechanical Digger, Godfrey's Secret)
-Puzzles (Word search, maze, crossword, art how-to, board game, name that character, etc)
-Lame jokes

Can't get any better than that. Oh, and it also has some illustrations. They are pretty bad. But not as bad as the lame jokes. And those are quite bad.

Now, without further ado, I have slaved away and scanned all of the pages inside of the book in decent quality and uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Please note that some of the pages may have some text cut off at the top/bottom here and there, due to my crappy scanner. But otherwise... Enjoy the cheesiness!