UK version

For whatever reason, the show was dubbed into two English releases. The version I've seen, I refer to as the "NA version (North American)", and the other one the "UK Version".

The UK version was made in.. well, you guessed it, the UK. It is the same show, however, several things were changed. The names of all of the characters are entirely new, and the dialogue was completely re-written! The characters all have English accents, as well, and in this new dialogue, they threw in various puns and pop-culture references. The humour is very sarcastic, which is awesome.

The UK version was aired on Channel 4 and was a huge success in the UK. It received a lot of praise in its time, such as..

"One of the greatest things to happen to kids TV for years" - The Daily Mirror


"Stunning... Lots of funny one-liners... Always looks marvellous" - The Daily Mail

It was popular enough to spawn six VHS casette tape releases. It makes me wish that the NA version got this much marketing and advertising, which it didn't. Lucky England!

Watching the two versions side by side is definitely an interesting experience. I like to think of the UK version as a "Remix" of the original. You can watch the NA version all the way through, and then pop on the UK version, and you won't get bored; they're like watching two completely different shows, with familiar visuals. It makes being a fan all the more fun, and meeting fans who have never seen/heard of the NA/original version is interesting, too.

The interesting bit is the decision they made to re-name the characters. I've made a small chart to show the comparisons of the different versions. The original French version on the left, the NA version in the middle, and the UK names on the right.

Beurks Yuks Kruds
Joyces Joyces Verigreens
Fulgor Fulgor Flynn
Aelia Aelia Alex
Daltonio Daltonio Bentley
Le Grand Artificier Great Pyro Godfrey
Seigneur Krabo Lord Krabo Draffsack
Lukanus General Lukanus Wasabi
La Reine Bakrakra Queen Bakrakra Queen Catheter
Teknocratus Lord Teknocratus Synapse
Prince Acylius Prince Acylius Prince Max
Kretinus Kretinus Fugg
Patibus Gallopus Peg
Spoty Spotty Elmo
Krabouic Krabouic Captain Drumsturdy
Kaboche Kaboche Greeb
Protokol ? (Name never mentioned) Kopious
La Grand Souche Troglodyte City/Yukdom Krud City

Another thing I feel I should mention is that Peg is female, whereas (and as far as I know) Gallopus/Patibus is male.

And here's a list of the UK version episode titles:

Season One
1. The Musical Color Gun
2. Flowers for Catheter
3. Frogbucket
4. The Rescue
5. The Escape
6. The Black Planet
7. The Daffodil Collector
8. The Mechanical Digger
9. The Prince of Rock
10. The Weather Forecast
11. Close Encounters
12. The Diplomatic Bridge
13. Godfrey's Secret

Season Two
14. Krud Confessions
15. Sick at Heart
16. If Chickens Could Fly
17. The Cage
18. Athletics
19. Comet
20. Ruling Classes
21. Accused
22. Epidemic
23. The Cure
24. Sparkie and Co
25. A Spectre Calls
26. The Cave