Alright, so. It's been established. I'm a fan, and perhaps, you are one too. It's only natural that the very small fanbase of Insektors would wanna be in contact with each other, right? Well! Here is where you'll find my contact information. Feel free to drop a line, whether it's just to say hello, or if you have any questions pertaining to anything Insektors. If you have noticed an error or something of the sort on my website, please inform me! I would appreciate it.

Before you e-mail me, please read through the following in case your questions have already been answered.


What language was Insektors originally in? And why does your site refer to the non-UK English version?
The show was originally French, and the NA dub is based on the original version. The UK version was adapted with an entirely rewritten script and changed character names. (Please refer to the 'UK Version' section for more information.)

As for why my site is based on the FR/NA version, it is simple: It was the version that I first watched, and it's the version I grew up with. This does not mean that I dislike the UK version or anything of the sort. I enjoy watching the UK version as well, and neither version, by any means, is 'better' than the other, it's all relative to opinion. Of course, there are going to be some people who refuse to watch the NA dub because they prefer the UK version, and vice versa, and that's perfectly fine. Personally, I love both versions but the NA version is the one I am most familiar with, and because it is based off of the original French script and ideas, I felt that it was the best choice to use in reference on my website.

Okay, so, why are there two English versions?
You know what? I really have not been able to find a 100% answer to this one. I'm going to assume that, for what ever reason, two companies licensed the rights to distribute it in English, but in different countries, and at different times, and somehow, two English language versions came into existence. I think it's great, because the UK's script is completely re-written, you can watch the two versions back-to-back and not be bored. They're like two different shows! Double the fun!

Will there ever be new episodes?
Sadly, there will probably never be any new episodes. The reason for this is because Fantome had financial difficulties before it was bought out by another company. The founder of the studio (as well as one of the creators of the show), Georges Lacroix, left the company and is no longer associated with Fantome. I believe that there was another season in the works, but because of the studio problems it was never made.

Will there ever be a DVD release?
I sure hope so! As of right now, there is only a French DVD release. You can find old UK version video tapes online if you're lucky, but no DVDs. It is uncertain as to which companies own the rights to the English versions, so it remains unclear if there will ever be a DVD release.

What languages has Insektors been dubbed into?
Aside from the obvious English (twice, at that), there have been versions reported in Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian... and even Japanese!

When did the original series air?
It originally aired in France in 1994. It aired in the UK and in Canada/Australia shortly after.

Why does Teknocratus/Sinapse's compass have an "O" where it should be "W" in the episode, 'Katerpillar/The Mechanical Digger'?
Hee hee, this is something I was confused about when I was a kid and wondered if anyone else wondered the same thing. Because the original series is in French, his compass says "O" because in French, the word for West is "Ouest".



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I first discovered Insektors when I was nine years old, back when it first aired in Canada on the channel YTV. I fell in love with it instantly, and felt drawn to the unique world and characters in the series. Ever since I was little, I always wished that more websites about Insektors were available - when I first discovered the show, there was very, very little information about it online. The only website I could find was Fantome's official site, but what I really wished for was a comprehensive fan-site complete with an image gallery. But, there were none to be found.

Therefore, my dream was to make the first complete Insektors website - and in 2004, I did just that. My site first started out as a teeny-tiny shrine with no pictures and sarcastic writing, begging viewers to contact me if they, too, loved this obscure show. Slowly but surely, I was able to build my site from the ground-up into the site you see here today. It is still in no way complete and I am never 100% satisfied with it, therefore, this site will never die and will always be updated! Please continue to visit and support my site!