dvd 03

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On this DVD, you get a whopping 11 episodes of the series:

Le Kadeau ("The Present", a.k.a "Lukanus' Koncert" in English version)
La Kourse ("The Course", I think it's "Katch Me If You Kan")
Kataklysme (Kataklysm)
Koupable ("Guilty" which I assume would be the episode "Kourt Kase")
Pas de Kadeau pour Noel (No Presents For Christmas)
Kontagion (I think it's supposed to be something along the lines of 'contageous' so, it would be the episode "It's Katching")
Rékolte (Translation was "to harvest, to gather" which doesn't make much sense. But it's the episode called "The Kure")

Special Features:
This time, along with the added special episode Pas de Kadeau Pour Noel, we get features called "Vers la Beurks" and "Vers les Joyces".

On the Yuks' side, you get a nicer profile page, under the title "Protokol" (which is apparently the name of the announcer in the royal chambers). He announces each character as the profile screen comes up. Same characters, though I think there is a little more added information, along with profiles of the other, lesser characters ("Les freres Butors" a.k.a the guards, Krabouic and Kaboche).

Then you get "Vers la Bibliotheque" (Library) which just shows pictures of the library. You can select which aisle to go into, and then there will be some books that are highlighted. You can click on 'em and it will bring up the picture of that particular book. It only shows books that were actually used in the series, of course. Like... the steps for the Great Pyro's raindance, Gallopus' blueprints, blueprints for the Bridge of Konkord, blueprints for the voice amplifier, and my favorite: how to write numbers in Yuk language! Or, at least, that's what I think it is.

Then, you have the lyrics to the Yuks' Hymn in French. Ugh, I don't even want to ATTEMPT translating this, basically, it's Yuks! Yuks! Yuks! We are the Yuks! And then praising random things. I don't know what the konkon, krakra, krekre, or who Baba and Krakra are. It may remain a mystery.

Beurk! Beurk! Beurk! Nous sommes les Beurks!

Beurk! Beurk! Beurk! Nous sommes les Beurks!

Les krakra, les krakra, Les crachouilleurs de ténčbres!

Les krékré, les krékré, Les createurs de pénombre!

Beurk! Beurk! Beurk! Nous sommes les Beurks!

Les konkon, les konkon, Les combattants de la noirceur!

Les konkon, les konkon, Les concasseurs de couleur!

Beurk! Beurk! Beurk! Nous sommes les Beurks!

Vive baba, vive Krakra! Vive Bakrakra!

Beurk! Beurk! Beurk! Nous sommes les Beurks!

Next up, we have "Vers la salle des machines" which is, obviously, the machine room. It gives a picture and a description for most of the inventions Teknokratus made in the series. Included is the walker thing that Lukanus, Krabo and Tekno are usually seen in when outside Yukdom, the flying machine Tekno and Krabo used in one episode, Koa the frog, Kui-Kui (Tweet Tweet, the yellow bird-like things that Krabouic and Kaboche used in one episode), the Koleoptor, and the Kalkulator. I was surprised there was no mention of the Hotsy-Totsy, and the little frog motorbike thingies. Ah well.

Then we have "Vers la salle aux miroirs" Which.. I don't understand. I think it's just a fancier menu screen for the episodes contained on the DVD.

"Vers la Noircisseuse" is just a clip of the machine that cleans the Yuks when they got all 'dirty' - and we hear Krabo shouting what might be the French equivelent of "I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" I don't know. But that's it.

There's also the same Making Of feature that was on the other two DVDs. Uh. Okay.

Now, onto the Joyce side. Here we have a few features.

"La salle du Prisme" is just fancy menu screens again, and character profiles for the Joyces.

"Vers la Foret"... more character profiles. And that's it for the Joyce side. Sorry, but once again, the Yuks win for more coolness points. :P