episode 01

the kolour guitar

This episode starts out with a pan around of the scenary of Flower City. Beautiful, as always. Bees flutter around the various flowers and collect pollen; bringing their spoils to The Great Flower, where Daltonio supervises them. The Great Pyro and Aelia are in the same room. The Great Pyro is working with the Great Prism, perfecting the colour guitar for his son, Fulgor. Aelia watches anxiously, wondering when it will be finished. Fulgor's guitar was being altered in preparation for the Festival of Colours that was to be held the following day. Pyro says that the special alterations are not visible to the eye.

After announcing that the guitar was finished, Pyro sends Aelia to deliver the guitar to Fulgor, who was preparing Spotty and Gallopus for the festival, as well, in his favorite spot.

Aelia arrives with the guitar. Fulgor tests his guitar; and as he does so, a ball of pollen shoots out from the end of it and fires into the air, creating a firework-like effect. Aelia and Fulgor are amazed and excited to use this during the festival tomorrow.

As the two of them speak, Kretinus and two drones, all Yuks, watch from behind some leaves. Some reminents of the pollen floats down and coats the two drones completely in pollen. While colorful, the two of them begin acting silly and incoherant. Kretinus is disgusted and decides they've seen enough. The return back to Yukdom, a giant stump in the middle of a bramble-infested swamp where the Yuks reside.

Inside, Lord Krabo and Lord Teknokratus stand in front of Tekno's latest invention; The Hotsy-Totsy. He is pleased with the results, however, Krabo is not. The long-antennaed prime minister complains that the machine "doesn't work"; unable to create heat and that it doesn't pump away the water that could floor their city, like it should be doing.

Protokol announces that Kretinus has returned from his mission.

Kretinus exclaims that the Joyces have invented a new terrible secret weapon! Not only does this weapon create music, it also shoots out colour. Krabo asks if he is sure, and Kretinus presents the two cronies who were with him earlier, who were still covered in colour and rendered completely obnoxious as proof.

Krabo is disgusted and orders them to be put through the Dark Box to rid them of the colour. He then decides that they need to act, and fast, so he assigns General Lukanus an urgent mission to steal the weapon from the Joyces before they have a chance to use it against them.

Lukanus and Kretinus sneak into Flower City in the middle of the night and go to Fulgor's favorite hangout, where they find Spotty, Fulgor, and Gallopus sleeping. Leaning against the plant is the guitar, conveniently out in the open for them. Shakily, Kretinus reaches out and grabs the guitar, running afterwards, but unfortunately on the way he trips over a root and fires a pollen bomb by accident. Startled by the noise, the three of them wake up just in time to catch sight of the Yuks running off with the weapon.

The three of them run after them with the help of Spotty's flashlight. Lukanus pulls back a branch and waits for the Joyces to arrive. When they do, he lets go, sending Fulgor flying into a puddle of mud. Lukanus and Kretinus run away victoriously.

Spotty points out that Fulgor looks like a Yuk when he's covered with mud. Fulgor suggests that he cleans himself up, but then, he gets a bright idea: He dunks Spotty in the mud, as well.

Over at Yukdom, the Yuk workers are busy, walking single file in a line, all carrying firewood for the Hotsy-Totsy. A disguised Fulgor joins them, stashing Spotty in the firewood. So far, so good. Along the way, Fulgor hears the sound of his guitar echoing off of the city walls. He tries to figure out where the sound came from, but he gets distracted by General Krabouic and Kaboche, on their speeder bikes, who scold him for slowing down the line.

"For the queen, for the queen." Each of the drones throw their carried firewood into the Hotsy-Totsy's mouth to feed the fire. Fulgor realizes he has to get out of there, because he can't throw Spotty in with the wood. Taking the first chance he can, he ducks away and hides behind the machine.

He enters the next hallway down. Krabouic and Kaboche speed by, just missing seeing him by a second. As soon as they're gone, Fulgor hears the sound of his guitar again, coming from a nearby room.

Inside that room, Krabo and Teknokratus are experimenting with the guitar. Teknokratus stands on a table, plucking the strings curiously, every time shooting a pollen bomb that narrowly misses hitting Krabo in the face. Krabo gets aggravated and tells him to hurry up and destroy it. Tekno explains that he has to study it first otherwise there could be consequences. Krabo doesn't care and insists he goes ahead and does it. Tekno agrees, though reluctantly, and lowers a pair of pliers to cut the chords.

Just as he is about to cut the strings, Fulgor and Spotty enter the room, and Spotty shines his light in the startled inventor's eyes. Fulgor throws his firewood at him, knocking him off of the table. "For the queen!"

Fulgor grabs the guitar as soon as he's able to. Krabo is terrified; and yells for the guards to help. Krabouic and Kaboche hear the call and Krabouic goes to help, telling Kaboche to stay behind, as he can take care of this by himself. He enters the room and asks what happened.

"Behind you, idiot!"

Before he can react, Fulgor attempts to shoot Krabouic with a colour bomb, but misses when the General dodges. It instead hits the table and ricochets, hitting Tekno in his place. Fulgor takes this opportunity to run for it. Furious, Krabo commands that Krabouic goes after the Joyce to get the guitar back.

Fulgor runs into the hallway and steals Krabouic's speeder bike. Kaboche was kneeling beside his own, and before he could hop on and speed after him, Krabouic runs by and hijacks it, speeding off after Fulgor.

They race around in a complete circle. Kaboche stands up, and the second time Krabouic passes by, he runs into the other pilot, taking him along for the ride. The pair lose control of the bike. Fulgor is still speeding along, and he just misses Lukanus by an inch. The pilots are hot on his tail, and unfortunately, they slam right into Lukanus, putting him in the driver's seat.

Back in Flower City, The Great Pyro is worried because Fulgor has been missing for quite some time. Aelia claims that he's okay, he's probably just napping after eating some lunch.

Fulgor bursts through the entrance of Yukdom, speeding right past the guards. He flies upwards, aiming to fly up and out of the stump. Lukanus and company are still following closely. Fulgor spins out and takes to the air via his own wings. The others spin out, as well, but because they lack wings, they all plummet into the swamp.

Pyro is still busy worrying about Fulgor and the others. Aelia says that they'll just have to start without them. But before she could say anything more, they hear the sound of the colour guitar blaring above them. Fulgor stands atop a nearby flower and plays his guitar, putting on a fireworks show at the same time.