episode 02

flowers for bakrakra

Krabo and Kretinus are walking down one of the many corridors. Krabo is ranting on about how the entire stump needs to be clean and organized. Before he can say anything further, he falls into another one of Prince Acylius' tunnels in the floor beneath him. He finds himself face to face with the young prince and scolds him about his multiple tunnels. He asks when the Prince is planning on stopping.

The Prince responds, saying that he will not stop until he is free. Sick of being confined in the stump's walls, he wishes to see the world beyond the swamp. Frustrated, Krabo instructs Kretinus to take Acylius out on a sight-seeing tour, to show the Prince that there is, in fact, nothing worth seeing beyond their territory.

Kretinus and the two guards take the Prince out on one of their boat contraptions, rowing through the thick and muggy swamp, covered by bramble bushes. The Prince is confused; saying that it's "sad" and that he had heard that the world beyond the stump was inhabited by beautiful flowers and bright colours.

As they row along, Fulgor and his companion Spotty watch overhead from a nearby vine. They feel bad for the Prince and decide to do something to help him. They rush off to go consult the Great Pyro.

Up at the Great Flower, The Great Pyro and Aelia were busy perfecting a new type of flower. The flower's seeds are special in that seconds after they are placed upon the earth, they grow and blossom before your eyes. Fulgor is impressed, and the Pyro tells him that they would be perfect for what Fulgor was planning. Pyro entrusts him with a vial of a million seeds; saying that that would be enough to bloom enough flowers to span through the Yuks' desert.

At night, Fulgor tosses seeds all along the desert. Nearby, Kretinus and company are still on their 'tour'. The Prince says he is tired, and Kretinus suggests that they rest here for the night. They decide to sleep by a nearby boulder. At dawn, the Prince is awoken by the sight of beautiful blue flowers surrounding him. He is amazed, getting to his feet to inspect them closer. As he does so, the guards wake up and wake Kretinus in the process. Kretinus is flabberghasted; his "boring desert" is now ruined by disgusting flowers!

The group goes to report this to Lord Krabo. Krabo claims that they're hallucinating, as there is no way flowers would be able to bloom in the desert. It was impossible. Kretinus tries to explain to him that it was true, and that the three of them were there with the Prince, and.... Oops, where is the Prince, anyway? Krabo scolds them for "forgetting" the Prince in the desert and sends them off to retrieve the young prince immediately. They had to bring him back in time for the Queen's birthday ceremony.

Back in the desert, Acylius was busy praising the flowers. Fulgor watches nearby, amused that a Yuk was actually happy by the sight of the flowers. He discovers that it's Queen Bakrakra's birthday.

The ceremony was beginning. The Queen entered her chambers and instantly she asks where her son, Acylius, is. Krabo ignores the question and signals the others to start singing a horrid rendition of "Sinister Birthday, Queen Bakrakra". The Queen is pleased by the song but once again asks where her son is. Krabo dodges the question, once more, and then takes this opportunity to present his gift to the Queen; a sculpture of the Queen herself.

The Queen thanks Krabo for his gift. Once more, she asks about where her son could be. Krabo pretends not to know and then yells at everybody else to go find the Prince. Just in time, Prince Acylius makes his apperance in the royal chambers, bearing a gift for his mother as well.

He hands out a bouquet of the blue flowers that had been blooming in the desert. Everyone is shocked to see that he would even bring such horrible things into their kingdom, and the Queen is insulted and says that she has been betrayed by her own son. She takes her leave, unable to believe what she had just seen. Krabo grabs the bouquet of flowers and smashes them to the floor, causing some seeds to scatter. He stomps them as flat as a pancake to the ground.

Everyone leaves, and the Prince grieves over the flowers and says that he wishes his mother would understand. As he watches what was left of the flowers, the seeds that had previously been scattered suddenly started to sprout. Outside, Krabo is ranting at everybody and blaming them for what just happened. As he rants, the guards glance down and notice a few flower vines creeping out from underneath the doors. A giant leaf forms under Krabo and begins lifting him off of the floor. He is too furious to notice, however, and continues to yell. By the time he notices it was too late. The plant was shooting upwards as it grew at a rapid rate. Krabo exclaims that he hates flowers and is allergic to them.

Outside, the entire outside of the stump was becoming covered with the flowers, blooming up and out of the top. Kretinus notices that he could hear music. Looking out onto the swamp, the Joyces and many butterflies are there, performing a display of fireworks and music for the Queen's birthday. Happy birthday, Queen Bakrakra.