episode 03

koa the frog

In the murky Yuk's swamp, a pair of frog-like eyes could be seen just above the surface. It glances around before submersing itself once more. Nearby, Fulgor and Daltonio are flying overhead, in search of a special flower ingredient, the Prismaflora. Daltonio spots the flower just below them; Fulgor is skeptical because of its strange habitat. Daltonio insists that it's the correct flower, and just as he decides to swoop down to pick it, a giant frog-like machine pops out of the water and attacks him.

Fulgor, alarmed, tries to protect Daltonio by firing some colour bombs at it.. but it seemed to have no effect. The creature roars in annoyance and nips at Daltonio before hopping off after him. Fulgor taunts it, making it follow him instead, and then leads it off to a deeper area of the swamp. The frog jumps into said area and is stunned, long enough for the two Joyces to make their getaway.

Just then, one of the frog's eyes opens, revealing General Krabouic in the cockpit, armed with a charcoal gun. He shoots in the Joyces' direction and ends up hitting Daltonio just as he was getting away. Krabouic retreats, closing the eye once more to submerse the machine back into the murky depths of the swamp.

Daltonio is completely coated in charcoal juice. Fulgor says not to worry and that he will take care of him.

Over in Yukdom, Krabo, Teknokratus and Protokol are at the docks, awaiting the return of the machine, apparently named "Koa". Krabo is impatient as always and demands to know where it is. Protokol soon announces the arrival of Koa and its pilots Krabouic and Kaboche. Krabouic reports that they took down 'a whole army of Joyces' and that, as predicted by Teknokratus, the machine is completely immune to the Joyces' pollen bombs.

Kretinus soon joins them. He says that there is a problem with the Hotsy-Totsy; they have run out of firewood to fuel it. Thus, no more heat, and no more pumping the water. Krabo says that he's aware of that and that is why they are going to launch operation "Koa".

Meanwhile, Fulgor tells The Great Pyro about the frog attack in the swamp, saying that his weapon had no effect on it. Daltonio is still covered in coal juice, but due to the lack of energy needed to power The Great Prism, they are currently unable to supply the little green guy with any colour energy. Pyro explains that unless they have the Prismaflora, the Great Prism will soon die out. Fulgor says "So what?" about the frog and declares that he will go and get the flower, frog or not.

Krabo and Teknokratus take a short tour down the corridor where all their new Koa machines are being stored; ready for their soon-to-be-launched mission. Tekno is a little wary about launching their plan so soon, preferring to do some more tests before they go into motion, but Krabo doesn't care. Krabo admires the machines and says that they are splendid and that nothing can go wrong for them. They plan to use the Koa machines to mow down the flowers in order to use their stems as firewood.

Back in the swamp, Fulgor, accompanied by Gallopus and Spotty, go back in search of the special flower. He sends Spotty to be on the look-out and to tell them if he sees any of the frogs. Spotty flies ahead and soon finds himself face-to-face with a Koa machine. He speeds back from whence he came; warning Fulgor of the oncoming danger, but it's too late to react. Instead of one machine, there was a swarm of six of them! This doesn't look good for the Joyces, so Fulgor decides to retreat for the time being.

He speeds off on Gallopus' back but the frogs are hot on their tails. Krabouic decides to start Operation "Koa", and leads the others onto land. They hop through the fields, taking down flowers as they go, a path of destruction. Meanwhile, Fulgor is still in the swamp as he takes this opportunity to look for the Prismaflora. Spotty points it out and Fulgor begins gathering pollen. Before he could react, a Koa machine appears right in front of them and gulps them both down, leaving Gallopus alone and scared on the surface.

On land, Aelia is busy harvesting various pollen when she hears Gallopus coming towards her. Gallopus reports that Fulgor has been swallowed by one of the giant frogs, as well as the invasion of Operation Koa. Aelia looks ahead and sees the swarm of frogs, still mowing down flowers as they go. Aelia reacts and commands her army of dragonflies to arm themselves with pollen bombs as weapons. They fly overhead, bombing them with the pollen, but once again the colour bombs have no effect on the machines.

Inside one of the machines, Fulgor regains conciousness and looks around he compartment he was being held in. He discovers that this is no frog at all; and is in fact one of the Yuk's machines. He opens up another compartment and sees Krabouic and Kaboche in the cockpits. Fulgor ducks down and then places one of his colour fireworks in behind Kaboche. It explodes and turns Kaboche into a colour-clad weirdo. He jerks around the control levers, causing his side of the frog to go crazy, 'dancing' around before it collapses on the ground.

Fulgor, seeing that this tactic worked, flies out and then flies into the mouth of another frog, doing the same as he had just done to the previous one. He continues to use this method to take down all of the Koa machines, leaving them all crazy and dancing and hopping around, completely immobile.. defeated.

Up in the Great Flower, Pyro pours the Prismaflora pollen into the Great Prism's water, and everyone watches as the energy is restored to the prism at last. Daltonio rids himself of the charcoal juice and all is well... for them.

Back at Yukdom, Krabo watches distastefully at his handful of pilots who were covered in pollen and giggling like loonatics. He yells for them to be thrown into the Dark Box, but Kretinus explains that the Dark Box works alongside the Hotsy-Totsy.. and since the Hotsy-Totsy is out of commission at the moment, so is the Box. Krabo yells "I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE" in anger while the others continue to giggle on the floor nearby.