Let's face it, Insektors is really obscure. And as obscure as it is, it's easier to find out of print video tapes of it than it is to find online episode downloads! Well, not anymore. As an exclusive, and special thanks to some awesome contributing members of the Insektors fan community, both versions of the show (UK and NA) are now available, in full, as downloadable episodes to watch on your computer!

However, please note that while all of the videotapes of the English-language versions of the show are now out of print, it is still technically not all too legal to download copyrighted material regardless. So, please tread carefully! But, to cover my butt, none of these files are actually hosted on this website's server.

Also, I will NOT be listing French version downloads, with the exception to the subtitled version of the Christmas episode, as that episode was never dubbed into English. The reason for this is that, as far as I know, the French DVD set is still in print.

With that out of the way... Here is the list of episode download links! Beside each picture you will find links for the corresponding NA and UK version episodes. If there are other language version episodes available, they will be listed below the English titles.

For help/troubleshooting regarding the downloading and watching of the episodes, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

episode 1
+The Kolour Guitar
+The Musical Colour Gun
episode 2
+Flowers for Bakrakra
+Flowers for Catheter
episode 3
+Koa the Frog
episode 4
+Daffodil Kraze
+The Rescue
episode 5
+The Eskape
+The Escape
episode 6
+Planet Karbon
+The Black Planet
episode 7
+The Koleopter
+The Daffodil Collector
episode 8
+The Mechanical Digger
episode 9
+Troglodyte Rock
+The Prince of Rock
episode 10
+The Sky Breakers
+The Weather Forecast
episode 11
+Elektrik Night
+Close Encounters
episode 12
+Konkord Bridge
+The Diplomatic Bridge
episode 13
+Great Pyro's Sekrets
+Godfrey's Secret
episode 14
+Fulgor's Kwest
+Krud Confessions
episode 15
+Krabo's Kase
+Sick at Heart
episode 16
+Bird Kalls
+If Chickens Could Fly
episode 17
+Lukanus's Koncert
+The Cage
episode 18
+Katch Me If You Kan
episode 19
+The Comet
episode 20
+Ruling Classes
episode 21
+Kourt Kase
episode 22
+It's Katching
episode 23
+The Kure
+The Cure
episode 24
+Sparkie and Co.
episode 25
+A Spectre Calls
episode 26
+The Cave
+No Presents for Christmas (ENGLISH SUBTITLED)


Q: Help! I can't play the file/The picture only shows a black screen/There's no sound!
A:: That sounds like a simple codec problem. Most likely, to fix this, you need to go and download and install the DivX codec. Once that is done, try playing the file again. It SHOULD work. If not? Then.. well. Uh. I don't know what else to suggest.

Q: Help! MegaUpload doesn't work for me!
A: It doesn't work for everyone. I know that for me, it lags my browser, but I downloaded and installed their MegaManager program available on the website. With it, uploading and downloading from the site is much more convenient. I recommend it; you will need to register for a free account beforehand, though. If that STILL doesn't work for you, send me an e-mail, and I'll try uploading the file to another server. My next preferred hosting site is SendSpace.

Q: Help! The link says it's "expired"!
A: That's simple. Send me an e-mail about it, and I'll re-upload it for you!

Got any more questions? Send me an e-mail and perhaps I will be able to help you. =)