Welcome to the media page! Here you will find various Insektors-related media, ranging from music, sound clips, and videos. The videos listing is a compilation of Insektors-related media hosted on Youtube.


-Insektors Opening Intro - The opening that's at the beginning of each episode.

-Insektors - The Making Of Special - From the French DVDs. Shows how they animated the series.

-Niatona's Youtube Channel - Niatona has taken the time to encode and upload the entire NA version to Youtube! He has also uploaded the UK version for your viewing pleasure.

-Azdaracylius' Youtube Channel - Azdaracylius has uploaded the French version of the show on his channel, as well as other French children's TV shows!

-KazzieShellshock's Youtube Channel - My Youtube channel. There I have uploaded the first four episodes of the show in Portguese, as well as the English subtitled version of the Christmas special!


-Opening Theme: The song from the opening for the series.

-Ending/Misc Theme: I got this from Jacques Davidovici's website (composer of Insektors' music.) High-quality, very nice sample of the music from the series. Very pretty.


These are some old wav files I recorded via microphone a really long time ago. I don't have the heart to get rid of them from this page, so here you go.

-Lord Krabo describing the lovely Yuks.

-Lord Krabo telling Acylius to shut up.

-Krabo explaining and ranting about how great his plan is.