I never thought the day would come for a 'thanks' page - and boy, am I glad that it has! Seriously, though, when I started this site, I didn't expect it to get a lot of response. At ALL. But, I was surprised! Slowly but surely, fans from all over the globe started sending me e-mail. Every e-mail made me giddy beyond belief.

Now, it's because of my visitors that I am able to continue my work on this site. It's been a dream of mine to make a complete Insektors website for almost 15 years now, and the project is still ongoing. Thanks to you guys for inspiring me to keep on going!

Thanks to Sinapse (Jessie) who owned the Flower City Fanlisting for sending me my very first e-mail regarding my site. It was also her who made the Insektors Online forums, which I co-admin. She helped create the online Insektors fandom thanks to those forums! She also supplied the first batch of UK version episodes.

Thanks to locomotive for supplying me with the bountiful information regarding the PAL VHS tapes! <3 He has also contributed a lot to the fandom in general, and has started a High-Quality episode project for the UK version.

Thanks to Niatona for e-mailing me, and being awesome enough to encode episodes of the NA version from some of his old VHS recordings and sending them to me. He made the internet's first digi-episodes possible! Round of applause! <3

Thanks to Platinum Snow Cat for also being a big contributer to the fandom, by supplying the 'missing' episodes of the NA version that were missing from Niatona's batch. Thanks dude!

Thanks to Azdaracylius, my Belgian e-mail buddy who has helped me with various French translations, and for assisting me with making the English subtitled Christmas special a reality. He's also contributed a lot of artwork for the website in the Fan section!

Thanks to Morgan for being such a sweetie and being my Canadian Insektors fanbuddy! She remains one of the only people I've met who watched Insektors on the same channel as I did, YTV.

Thanks to the random dude on eBay who sold me the Insektors Annual 1997 activity book for so cheap, and in great condition, too.

Thanks to the French dude on eBay who was patient with my bad French when I e-mailed him for more information regarding the French DVD boxset. He responded using simple French in return so I could understand him.. then he sold me the DVDs via a "second chance" offer after I was outbid. Merci beaucoup, monsieur! <3

Thanks to everybody who has sent me e-mails, whether long or short. You guys are amazing.

Thanks to my inner child for being such a loyal fan to this silly kid's show, even after all of these years have passed. Yeah, this is a cheap excuse for a 'thank you', but hey, gimme a break here.

And, thanks to everybody else who has continued to support me. I'm excited for the day that my project will finally be complete!