DVD set

Ah, yes, Insektors on DVD. What I would give to have this lovely show in high-quality. Well, my dreams have come true - I found an official DVD set! Only thing is, they are in PAL format, and they only include the French dub. But hey, that's okay! Seeing as how it's such an obscure series, you've gotta take what ever you can get.

And that's just what I did. Went to good ol' Ebay, bought the set from a very nice French seller, and bingo. They finally arrived, and I have been amused at seeing the series I love in... well, French. Mind you, I can READ French perfectly fine (however, understanding everything is debatable), but trying to comprehend the spoken language.. it's very difficult. I was hoping that there was a subtitle option, so I could read, but there isn't. Ah well. I'm happy anyway, just for the visuals. All my recorded episodes I have on VHS are grainy and bad quality, so watching it in crisp quality is a real treat.

The DVDs come in their own special and very nice box. There are three DVDs in all, each with their own unique covers. They fit all nice and snug in the box. I'll give information about each DVD, as well as scans and translations of what is written on them.

(Click the images for a bigger version)

There isn't a lot of text on the box itself, but there is a little blurb written on the side, which as follows...

La planète Karbone est peuplée de deux tribus d'insectes: Les Joyces et les Beurks. Les Joyces, heureux et insouciants, habitent un paradis fleuri et coloré, sous la sage autorité du Grand Artificier. Les Beurks, eux, détestent la lumière, la couleur, et la musique. Ils se terrent dans une grande souche sombre et humide, gouvernée par la terrible Reine Bakrakra et son horrible premier ministre Krabo.
De poursuites en cascades, sous terre comme dans les airs, ils se livrent une guerre des couleurs sans merci, qui se termine toujours bien... enfin... Pas pour tous le monde.

And now, for the good stuff: The DVDs!

Insektors - DVD 1

Insektors - DVD 2

Insektors - DVD 3