episode guide

Here's a list of all the episodes available. Whenever I get around to it, I'll try and do a short summary for each of the episodes. They were aired with two episodes in one showing, each being 13 minutes on a half hour block. There were only two seasons made, along with a Christmas Special (Which, to my knowledge, was never dubbed in English.) Also, included on the French DVDs is a "Making Of" Special, which shows what appears to be a pilot/demo episode, as well as some stages of how the show was made.

1) The Kolour Guitar 2) Flowers for Bakrakra
3) Koa the Frog 4) Daffodil Kraze
5) The Eskape 6) Planet Karbon
7) The Koleopter 8) Katerpillar
9) Troglodyte Rock 10) Sky Breaker
11) Elektrik Night 12) Konkord Bridge
13) Great Pyro's Sekret 14) Fulgor's Kwest
15) Krabo's Kase 16) Bird Kalls
17) Lukanus' Koncert 18) Katch Me If You Kan
19) Kataklysm 20) Suksession
21) Kourt Kase 22) It's Katching
23) The Kure 24) Kalkulator
25) Spektre 26) Katakombs
SPECIAL - No Presents for Christmas